Pilot Income Protection and Loss of Licence

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about income protection and loss of licence insurance

This unique product combines income protection and traditional loss of licence insurance, specifically designed to meet the needs of commercial pilots.

Income protection provides a monthly benefit, irrespective of the status of your medical certificate, if you are temporarily or partially disabled from performing your own occupation as a pilot. Depending on your salary, you can insure 75% or 85% of your income with a choice of waiting periods from 30 to 180 days. Valuable additional benefits included at no extra cost.

Loss of licence provides a capital lump sum benefit, in addition to monthly benefits, if you suffer a permanent disability and unlikely to work as a pilot again.

An injury or illness can keep you out of the sky and place you in financial stress on the ground if not protected.

flying activities covered

We can help protect professional fixed and rotary wing pilots from an extensive range of low and high-risk flying activities.


Aerial work

Commercial air transport

Instructional flying 

Special task or mission 

air pilots award insurance

The Air Pilots Award 2020, Part 4-Clause 20.3(c), specifies an annual allowance of $2,079 is payable by employers to their permanent hire employees to assist with the purchase of loss of licence insurance.

cover and benefit choices

Income Protection (monthly benefit)
standard cover

Income protection cover provides a monthly benefit amount if due to a disability, you are unable to fly either short or long term for a living.

75% or 85% of income up to $15,000 per month

up to 24 months benefit period

waiting period options from 30 to 180 days

full mental health conditions cover

Loss of Licence (capital lump sum benefit)
optional extra cover

Capital benefit cover provides a lump sum amount if due to a disability, you are unlikely to return to flying and your career as a pilot has come to an end.

cover up to $400,000 dependant on age

lump sum paid in addition to monthly benefits

12 months waiting period

full mental health conditions cover

This is a summary only. For full terms, conditions, limits, definitions and exclusions, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (available for download when applying for a quote). Any advice on this website is general in nature and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs.

why choose us?

mental health cover

Professional pilots face occupational stressors every day such as irregular work schedules, work/life balance, fatigue, disruption of sleep and increased anxiety from having to take regular medical tests. However, many pilots are not properly insured, and you’ll find most plans have a full exclusion, only pay claims resulting from defined conditions or reduce the benefit payable. We know the importance of offering the widest coverage possible.

no membership or joining fee

Access to our loss of licence insurance is available to individuals and groups with no association or union membership required.

older applicants accepted

New applications for loss of licence insurance accepted to age 59 and personal accident insurance to age 64.

tailored benefits and premiums

We recognise one size does not fit all, instead of charging you for benefits you may not want, we give you control to select the level of cover you need.

claims management

Our service providers work with Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAME’s) in the claim’s decision process to ensure appropriate, timely and fair handling of claims.

instant cover online

We want to improve your insurance buying experience, customise a quote and apply for instant cover online, even while on the move.

obtain a quote and buy online today

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