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insurance for aircrew and ground staff

Securing group insurance plans that can accommodate a wide range of commercial aviation personnel such as pilots, engineers, cabin crew, ground staff and management can be challenging. Only a small number of providers are willing to support these more complex types of risk.

Group insurance is an effective way of leveraging buying power and enabling you to tailor insurance policies to your specific needs at reduced rates. Our insurance solutions can help you attract, protect and retain your employees or members.

Tailored group plans at affordable rates so you can attract, retain and protect your employees  or members.

If you need a group scheme to fit within an Enterprise Agreement, Air Pilot Award or budget, we'll work with you to tailor a bespoke solution. In the aviation industry, the benefits of such coverage should not be underestimated.

Our products can be accessed directly through Aircrew Insurance or in partnership with your existing insurance broker relationship.  If you are looking for assistance with arranging or renewing a group insurance policy or would like further information about our products and services, please get in touch.

groups we insure

We work with employer groups, business owners, associations, unions, pilot recruitment agencies and flying schools of any size (fixed and rotary wing).

Disability insurance is available to aviation personnel in the air and on the ground. Our loss of licence product is available to Air Traffic Controllers on a group basis.

For professional pilots, all types of flying activities are considered, including those that pose a high level of risk.


Aerial work operations

Commercial air transport

Pilot training schools

Special task or mission

air pilots award insurance

We can tailor a group scheme to fit within the Air Pilots Award allowances shown below.

Loss of licence allowance

The Air Pilots Award 2020, Part 4-Clause 20.3(c), specifies an annual allowance of $2,364 is payable by employers to their permanent hire employees to assist with the purchase of loss of licence insurance. Our unique approach is the ability to provide benefits to fit within the award amount prescribed, on an individual or group basis.

Accident insurance

The Air Pilots Award 2020, Part 4-Clause 21.11 requires an employer to provide Accident insurance to their pilots for the following:

(a) death benefit of not less than $97,402 for pilots engaged in aerial application operations or $350,641 for all other pilots.

(b) accidental total and permanent disability benefit of not less than $312,800 for employees engaged as helicopter aircrew with accidental death or.

We can provide benefits to fit the respective award amounts prescribed above.

why choose us?

  • products designed for aircrew and ground staff.

  • solutions to fit an Enterprise Agreement, Pilot Award or budget.

  • wide range of flying activities covered (fixed and rotary wing). 

  • premium payment options available including monthly premium funding.

  • we utilise Designated Aviation Medical Examiners (DAMEs) in the claims process for fair outcomes.  

  • our clients receive expertise, personalised and quick service. 

our products

loss of licence

Financial protection in the event of suspension of Class 1 medical certificate due to accident or illness

income protection and loss of licence

Combine income protection and traditional loss of licence insurance for comprehensive pilot protection

personal Accident

Lump sum benefits in the event of accidental death and disablement, coverage available 24 hours a day or whilst flying only

student pilot fees

Safeguard trainees against incurring debt if unable to complete their professional training course due to accident or illness

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